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Milwaukee Area - Conceal Carry of Wisconsin Class/NRA Basic Pistol Course

Wisconsin Conceal Carry Class/NRA Basic Pistol Course

Utah Conceal Carry Class

NRA Certified Inst.

Utah Certified Inst.

About the Class:
This class is different than your basic CCW class. It's the Wisconsin Conceal Carry combined with the NRA Basic Pistol Course, which is the best handgun training course in the country. Over one million people have taken this course, reason being, it is more in-depth, hands on, with actual handguns, not plastic blue guns or air-soft guns. After class room presentation, you will spend time with instructor on the range, one on one, demonstrating what you learned in class. (almost all students are amazed at their level of accuracy they established taking this class)

 If your a firearm owner who has decided to get a CCW permit or a person who has made the decision to buy your first handgun and want the best training there is, this is the class.

 Check out the rest of my website. If you want a one on one class,or do it with your friends or family. I can work  setting up a class any day of the week including weekends. If you don't own a handgun one will be supplied. (Most classes require you to bring a firearm)  There's more information on my website, check it out. Thanks for visiting milwaukeeguntrainer.com.    Stay Safe, Mike:)

You Will Learn:

- How to safely handle a pistol
- How to load a pistol
- How to clear a pistol
- How to properly aim and shoot a pistol
- The Conceal Carry Law of Wisconsin

You will be working with REAL hand-guns to include:
- A semi-automatic pistol
- A revolver

Your learning experience will occur both in the classroom and on the shooting range. You will receive your own written course materials, created by the NRA, to review in class and at home.

The classroom component involves informational lecture as well as hands-on training with real handguns (a semi-automatic pistol and a revolver).

You will also learn about the pros and cons of the revolver and semi-automatic pistol and you will shoot both types on the range.

******This class meets the firearms training requirement for the Wisconsin and Florida concealed carry licenses*******